When first installing SharePortals it can be a little confusing that there is no initial cost at all, yet the person installing the product has unlimited access to all features of the product. Usually there’s a catch – after adding x number of contacts, y number of documents, or trying to configure workflows, but in our case things work a little different..

Administrator Required

Unlike some other software-as-a-service products, we require a Microsoft Office 365 administrator to install the product using our automated process via our Start For Free form. Because of this we let you configure any one user in SharePortals to be the ‘Default Account’, which does not consume a license:

Can I Have Just One User?

You might be wondering if you are a startup or only need 1 user, does that mean you have access without any cost to use the product? The simple answer is: yes! Currently you will have a free feature rich CRM system until you need more than one user in the system. If you’re a start-up business then consider this a helpful start to get going!

What No Limits Means

Any user in the system whether it be the default first user, or additional licensed users will get access to all features including:

– The ability to create up to 30 million items / records for any given type of entity
– Full customisation and workflow capability
– The Outlook integration to manage contacts, emails, and attachments
– The ability to use related Office 365 services, like Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Compliance Centre, and more.