Installing SharePortals to your Microsoft 365 tenant is easy …

… almost. Some security settings on your tenant can mean one or two extra steps are required to get you started. But we are here to help you through this process. No quibbles.

SharePortals is a unique Microsoft 365 add-in and we want you to evaluate the platform without jumping through unnecessary hoops. No payment cards or complicated sign-up processes to get started.

NOTE: SharePortals needs a 365 login with Global Admin and SharePoint Admin to get started. SharePortals is installed into your SharePoint 365 service and all your data lives in your SharePoint service. When we first deploy SharePortals, our automated provisioning engine will create a SharePoint Site and all the necessary structure under the hood.

… Just a couple of details and we are off to get SharePortals installed for you

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About SharePortals

SharePortals is a Microsoft 365-hosted and highly customisable CRM and Case Management. All your data is stored in your own Microsoft 365 tenant and you maintain 100% control over your data.

If you a small organisation and are looking at Microsoft Dynamics 365 or PowerApps, but find the costs and complexities overwhelming then you should consider SharePortals as a serious contender. User-friendly interfaces, easy customisations along with all the benefits of a Microsoft 365 solution, such as Microsoft Security, 365 single sign-on, out-of the box Sharepoint document management, Power Platform extendability, and much more. If you are one of the millions of organisations around the globe that have adopted Microsoft 365 then SharePortals is your cost effective plugin for moire intuitive customer information management.