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Crafted Microsoft 365 Solutions: Your Vision


We Make Microsoft Better: Betasoft tailors Microsoft 365 to deliver transformative experiences for your business.

Betasoft: Elevating
Microsoft 365
Beyond Boundaries

Born from a desire to break free from Microsoft's limitations, we are driven by a singular vision: ensuring no business feels confined by its tools.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Betasoft isn't just another service provider. We are your partner, reshaping Microsoft 365 to align seamlessly with your unique objectives and aspirations. Experience a journey where Microsoft becomes not just a tool but an enabler, paving the way for innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled success.

What our customers say

At Betasoft, our legacy in transforming sectors from education to retail speaks for itself.

“Navigating challenges became seamless with Betasoft. Their continuous communication was a beacon, empowering us to tackle daily obstacles with ease.”

Agrecalc’s Journey with Us

Agrecalc’s Journey with Us

“Betasoft didn't just provide solutions; they instilled confidence. I recognise areas for growth, but the leap from where I began is truly remarkable.”

Enplas’s Transformation

Enplas’s Transformation

What We Do

Empowerment through technology – that's the Betasoft mantra.

We see Microsoft 365 not as a static tool, but as a dynamic foundation awaiting customisation. Our mission? Not just to use Microsoft 365's offerings, but to reshape them, moulding them to align perfectly with your unique aspirations and challenges. With Betasoft, you get more than a service; you gain a tailored edge designed for success.

How We Achieve Precision

Technical prowess and innovation are at the heart of Betasoft. We seamlessly blend the advanced functionalities of Microsoft 365 with the expansive capabilities of Azure cloud technologies.

As connoisseurs of SharePoint, Power Platform, and Azure, we strategically harness their features to supercharge your business operations.

And when the situation demands, our expertise extends into .NET and web development, guaranteeing that every step of your digital evolution is intricately planned and flawlessly executed.

Trusted By Leading Brands And Organisations

Betasoft is proud to be the trusted partner of renowned organisations spanning diverse sectors – from retail and manufacturing to healthcare and education. Our tailored solutions have empowered businesses to realise their vision, making us a preferred choice for those aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

Service: Modern Workplace / Application Development
Sector: Services
Church of Scotland

Scope: Delivered a SharePoint-based policy management system, ensuring secure document sharing, policy definitions, and update reminders.

Service: Modern Workplace / Application Development
Sector: Manufacturing
Signum Control

Scope: Created a SharePoint system for project management and interactions, including a Power BI dashboard for tracking and metrics.

Service: Modern Workplace / Application Development
Sector: Retail
Chisholm Hunter

Scope: Enhanced SharePoint intranet portal for sales metric data with PowerBI visualisation. Also improved repair workshop processes.

Service: Cloud Migration
Sector: Education
College Development Network

Scope: Migrated from local file server storage to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. Work included design, testing, training, and various Betasoft system integrations.

Service: Modern Workplace
Sector: Education
University Highlands & Islands

Scope: Microsoft 365 & SharePoint consultancy focusing on user experience, information retention, and COVID-19 response solutions.

Service: Managed Microsoft 365
Sector: NFP
Entrepreneurial Spark

Scope: Ongoing support for an organisation operating entirely within the Microsoft Cloud. Tasks include licensing management, user support, and SharePoint configurations.

Service: Modern Workplace
Sector: Public Sector
Ayrshire Hospice

Scope: Transitioned from on-premise SharePoint to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. Involved redesign, risk and asset management builds, and a custom room booking system.

Service: Modern Workplace
Sector: Public Safety
Sports Ground Safety Authority

Scope: Modernised event safety form management from paper to digital using SharePoint, ensuring data retention and facilitating analytics through Power BI.

Service: Modern Workplace / Application Development
Sector: Aquaculture
Cooke Aquaculture

Scope: Offered custom SharePoint training, POC environment setup, and integration of Garmin smart watch data into SharePoint.

Unlock the Future of Your Business

with Betasoft

Venture into a realm where innovation, precision, and results converge. Together, let's craft a future that not only meets expectations but surpasses them. Ready to transform with Betasoft?