Betasoft are a premier Nuance Document Solutions partner for SafeCom, Autostore, Equitrac and eCopy.

Betasoft are a specialist Document Solutions Consultancy who provide presales, expert installation, software upgrade, migration as well as technical support services for small to enterprise-scale engagements.

Although our primary product experience is in SafeCom – we are the longest established SafeCom partner in the UK – and our understanding of the product and experience of providing services/add-on solutions around it is second to none (take a look), we also have extensive knowledge of a number of document solutions within the market that cover areas around mobility and workflow.

Betasoft have also recently partnered with Nuance to supply, install and support Equitrac print management as well as eCopy document capture process and routing software. Those new solutions will benefit from the same dedication and desire to provide a uniquely competent service to our customers and partners as we are already known for with SafeCom and Autostore.

Our solutions satisfy requirements of enterprise customers for security, resilience and scalability. Betasoft installation and support services address the needs of demanding IT operations in the public as well as private sector. At Betasoft we take pride in the level of product as well as IT infrastructure expertise we bring to the table. None of our document solutions operate in isolation. The integration of our products with the OS, network and SQL databases demands that support consultants can see beyond the core products.

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