HP Capture and Route

Organizations of all types are facing an overwhelming amount of paper and electronic information. Managing, updating, and storing this information—accurately and efficiently—can be costly and time-consuming.

Converting paper-based and electronic information into digital files can increase productivity and streamline document workflow processes by making information more accessible. This also reduces errors, saves money, and enhances security.

Through simple, one-time digital capture, documents become immediately retrievable, and easy to distribute and track.

HP Capture and Route at a glance

With an easy, cost-effective way to digitise information, customers can find and retrieve documents
faster than ever before. The HP Capture and Route solution enables users to easily convert paper
documents into a variety of digital formats—including PDF, TIFF, and Microsoft® Word .doc, .docx,
JPG, and RTF—making it one-button simple to route information where it is needed.

Companies or  departments of any size can realize a quick return on investment with this scalable, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use solution.

Capturing digital information supports record retention and privacy requirements, helps increase
document security, and encourages paper conservation. HP Capture and Route is a scalable solution that can be configured and deployed as needed.

Easy document-capture experience

  • Capture documents quickly, accurately, and efficiently
  • Capture documents and easily share content to back-office applications and online destinations,
    including Microsoft® SharePoint®.
  • Simply press a button and information is captured and automatically routed to the desired
    destinations—with little to no end-user training.
  • Create routing rules at the desktop or MFP and customized buttons will be ready for use at the device.
  • Integrate seamlessly with HP Access Control, for authentication and enhanced security.


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