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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (or, how Sir Isaac Newton wrote our mission statement)

Put your hand in your pocket. Or your purse, or wallet.

No, this isn’t us being cheeky and asking for an order from you. We just want to know if you have a £2 coin handy.

If you do, take a look at the words inscribed on the edge of most £2 coins.

It reads, in suitably bold italic block capitals “STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS”. It’s a quote from a letter written by Sir Isaac Newton in 1676, in which he refers to his own achievements by saying
if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

It’s long been one of my favourite quotes, even before Oasis used it (with just a single shoulder…) to title their 4th studio album in 2000. It strikes me that we all stand on giant shoulders every day, and that’s especially true in the IT industry.

At Betasoft, we mostly stand on the broad and welcoming shoulders of Microsoft, advising companies of all kinds how to do the same to get the best view and see further into the essential data that powers their business.

Betasoft’s audit, advice, training and support will help you get the best every day out of your existing Microsoft licensing .


And our very own SharePortals solutions for CRM, Case Management, and a host of other core business use cases also work shoulder-to-shoulder with Microsoft.

Why not get in touch with us today, for all the help you’ll ever need in standing on the shoulders of the giant that is Microsoft.

Just don’t expect to find Sir Isaac Newton standing beside you. After all, he was the original Apple guy….

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