Betasoft Managed Service
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“Let Betasoft run your entire print infrastructure to achieve cost-savings, improve client services and continuously drive innovation”.

Managed Service

Betasoft Managed Service- allows companies to outsource a larger part of their document solution.  Outsourcing tasks and processes allows companies to focus on their core business while transferring ownership of these tasks to Betasoft – a trusted third party.  With additional resource on-demand, round the clock availability, your business can adjust dynamically whenever its needed, we’re here to help.


Betasoft will take complete ownership of the entire print solution, including Server OS, SQL Server application and device software – Betasoft will liaise with the customer to agree on suitable SLA’s, overall system up-time and parameters for scheduled maintenance downtime.

Client Responsibility

Client takes responsibility of the IT infrastructure required to deliver the service.  Client’s helpdesk takes 1st line calls from end-users, provides the necessary physical/ remote electronic access to Betasoft , accepting agreed downtime for required or desired upgrade or migration work.

On-Site/Remote Presence

A Betasoft technical consultant will spend at least one day per week generating reports, carrying out all technical system admin work as well as any back-office tasks, such as scheduling reports, adjusting charging schemes, etc.   Betasoft will deploy – onsite – the most appropriate number of consultants and engineers to achieve reasonable & agreeable timescales for any upgrade or migration work of server and device software.

On-Going Innovation

Betasoft commit to continuously innovate, enhance service as well as reduce costs.

This includes:

•  Improved reporting and accounting

•  Improved mobile print services – Cloud

•  Reduced infrastructure costs – Cloud

•  Enhanced self-service functionality to further reduce admin tasks – Portal

•  Further integration with LOB applications to eliminate manual activities

•  Document scanning applications


Health Checks

Betasoft health check- carried out by a qualified consultant, establishes whether a given system design is appropriate and also fully meets the customers requirements.


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