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SafeCom Mobile Print New Release 3.7

The latest update to SafeCom Mobile Print offers:

  • Improved support for external authentication,
  • Improved “Advanced Print Driver”
  • Updated Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android devices (available at the App Store and Google Play).
  • A new “Professional” product tier with two features:
    • Built-In MS Office and OpenOffice conversion engines – eliminating the need to co-install Microsoft Office or Open Office on each mobile print server
    • Wide Area Mobile Print – enabling AirPrint across large and complex networks.

The SafeCom Mobile Print Professional in turn introduces two new SKUs:

  •  SC4950990 SafeCom Mobile Print Professional – for new purchase
  •  SC4950980 SafeCom Mobile Print Professional Upgrade – for upgrades, so that existing SafeCom Mobile Print customers can add on the new professional features if they want them.
    Download the new SafeCom Mobile Print version from the SafeCom
    Insite portal or through the Nuance Network here.

Note: The 60 day trial license built into the installer enables all the functionality of SafeCom Mobile Print Professional – if a standard license is applied to the system, the Wide Area Mobile Print and Conversion Engine will be disabled.