Print Services

Betasoft is built on providing best-of-breed specialist support services.  We provide 4 service options for SafeCom, Equitrac, and PaperCut:

Vendor Maintenance | Standard Support | Enhanced Support | Managed Service

  • 4 hour response SLA
  • Raise ticket requests via email & web system
  • Experienced technical team will liaise with product vendor for issues
  • Access to software updates, bug fixes, & documentation
  • Access to the Betasoft support system web system & knowledge base

Typically includes all ‘Vendor Maintenance’ elements in addition to the below:

  • Remote desktop access & phone support where applicable
  • Technical support troubleshooting performed by Betasoft L2 consultants
  • Priority given to high severity issues such as site outages
  • Internal weekly review of on-going issues

Typically includes all ‘Standard Support’ elements in addition to the below:

  • 2 hour response SLA
  • Remote desktop access & phone support used as primary support methods
  • Log gathering & ‘extra mile’ support services pro-actively given once issue is raised

  • Service SLA uptime guarantee instead of support response SLA
  • 24×7 monitoring of all services and dependencies
  • Service management & dependency management including regular updates
  • Security reviews & overall system performance reports
  • Monthly review of issues, emerging patterns, and mitigation actions or suggestions
  • Onsite quarterly reviews attended by technical account manager

We can provide any of the following bolt-ons to any of the above service agreements:

  • 24 hour out-of-hours cover
  • Periodic System healthcheck & report documentation
  • Packaged project professional services