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University of the Highlands and Islands’ Journey to a Seamless Digital Workspace

The University of the Highlands and Islands, a distinguished tertiary institution, is a conglomerate of 13 colleges and research institutions across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Their primary objective is to impart higher education that’s in sync with modern-day technological demands.

The University grappled with managing its vast amount of information, specifically within SharePoint 365 DMS, and ensuring optimal user experience. Their requirements ranged from precise JISC classification of information to the application of retention policies. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic further underscored the need for an agile solution to monitor and maintain personal log information.


Betasoft, leveraging the myriad functionalities of Office 365, conceptualised and rolled out a suite of services:

Enhanced SharePoint 365 DMS: Revamped the existing SharePoint 365 DMS for a streamlined user experience and improved functionality. This ensured precise JISC classification of information and robust application of retention policies.
Optimal Use of Office 365 Labels: Introduced and adeptly utilised Office 365 labels to ensure information is stored, managed, and retained effectively.
Power BI Data Analytics: Integrated Power BI analytics to derive insights, make informed decisions, and optimise data management.
COVID-19 Specific Solutions: In response to the pandemic’s unique challenges, Betasoft employed Microsoft Forms to capture personal log information seamlessly. These entries were stored in SharePoint and made accessible through Power Automate, notifying users via email links for each individual’s entry.


Betasoft’s interventions culminated in:

Streamlined Information Management: The University could manage its vast amounts of information with precision and ease, thanks to the revamped SharePoint 365 DMS.
Effective Data Utilization: With Power BI’s integration, the University could transform its raw data into actionable insights, making data-driven decisions a norm.
Prompt COVID-19 Response: Betasoft’s agile solutions ensured the University could swiftly respond to the pandemic’s challenges, ensuring continuity and safety.
Future-proof Systems: With Betasoft’s solutions, the University now boasts a flexible and scalable system that can adapt to future challenges and requirements.
Betasoft’s innovative solutions fortified the University of the Highlands and Islands’ digital infrastructure, ensuring its commitment to higher education remains unbroken, even in the face of unprecedented challenges.