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Sports Ground Safety Authority’s Digital Evolution



The Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) is entrusted with the pivotal role of issuing licenses to major football stadiums, including the esteemed Premier League and English Football League grounds, along with iconic venues like Wembley and the Principality Stadium. Their primary focus is to ensure spectator safety during matches.


Sector: Sports Ground Safety




SGSA faced a cumbersome documentation process. Using traditional Word documents for event-related safety checks led to an inefficient system of printing and archiving. This outdated method severely hindered their ability to quickly access critical information, and they lacked a streamlined process for data analytics.




Betasoft provided a tech-forward solution to SGSA’s archaic system:


Digital Form Transition: Developed a Word template embedded with form fields. When these documents were stored online, the form data seamlessly integrated as SharePoint metadata.

Retention Policy Advisory: Guided SGSA on devising retention policies, ensuring that all critical information was preserved for the necessary duration.

Power BI Integration: Introduced Power BI reports which empowered SGSA to swiftly locate form information. Additionally, analytics capabilities were enhanced, allowing for insightful data-driven decisions for future events.




The transformation was evident:


Efficient Data Management: SGSA moved away from the chaos of physical archives to a digital, organised, and easily searchable database.

Enhanced Analytics: With Power BI, SGSA could now leverage data to make informed decisions, optimising safety measures for upcoming events.

Regulatory Compliance: The advisory on retention policies ensured SGSA was compliant with data storage regulations.


Betasoft’s intervention accelerated SGSA’s transition from manual processes to a modern, efficient, and data-driven approach, underscoring the value of digitisation in safety management.