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Signum Control’s Leap to Efficient Project Management

Signum Control, a key player in the manufacturing sector, specialises in producing integral parts for various production lines, catering to diverse consumer products. Their challenge was streamlining and efficiently managing customer projects, ensuring a smooth and transparent flow of information.

Sector: Manufacturing – Industrial Automation


With an expanding clientele and intricate project demands, Signum Control faced challenges in organising and managing customer projects. The need for a centralised system to store project-related information, monitor time-related data, and provide actionable insights for management was evident.


Betasoft formulated and executed a comprehensive strategy, encompassing:

SharePoint System Creation: Designed a bespoke SharePoint system tailored for managing customer projects. Each new project was provisioned with a SharePoint site template ensuring uniformity and ease of access.
PowerApps Integration: Utilised PowerApps to facilitate the addition of specific project data. This primarily catered to timesheet-related entries, ensuring a real-time capture of project hours and related metrics.
Power BI Dashboard: Constructed an interactive Power BI dashboard enabling the management to glean insights at a glance. This dashboard was pivotal in monitoring project costs, tracking activity, and making informed decisions.


Post Betasoft’s intervention, Signum Control observed:

Enhanced Project Management: The SharePoint system, combined with PowerApps, streamlined project management, ensuring all stakeholders had real-time access to crucial project information.
Data-Driven Decision Making: The Power BI dashboard transformed raw data into visual insights, allowing the management to monitor, analyse, and make data-backed decisions, optimising project costs and timelines.
Increased Productivity: With organised data and a clear overview of project progress, the company could swiftly address bottlenecks and ensure optimal resource allocation, leading to improved productivity and timely project completions.

Through Betasoft’s solutions, Signum Control metamorphosed its project management framework, ensuring projects were executed seamlessly, on time, and within budget, fortifying its position in the manufacturing domain.