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MDDUS’s Digital Revolution with SharePoint Modern Development


MDDUS (Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland) offers professionals in the medical and dental fields robust insurance solutions, providing them with peace of mind and risk management in an ever-evolving industry.

Sector: Insurance – Medical and Dental Indemnity


Being a leading indemnity solution provider, MDDUS grappled with vast amounts of data, including claim details, professional records, and policy details. Their legacy system, built on outdated applications with custom code and workflows, was becoming a bottleneck. They experienced inefficiencies in data retrieval, processing claims, and updating policy details, leading to longer response times and potential client dissatisfaction.


Betasoft recognised the immediate need to modernise MDDUS’s digital landscape:

Migration to SharePoint Modern: Moved all data and records from the legacy system to a modern SharePoint environment, ensuring data integrity and security.
Legacy App Replacement: Phased out old, clunky applications and introduced sleek, efficient, and user-friendly applications tailored to MDDUS’s needs.
Custom Code Overhaul: Replaced outdated custom code with new, streamlined code that made processes faster and more efficient.
Workflow Optimisation: Redesigned workflows to reduce redundancies, making claim processing, policy updates, and customer interactions swift and hassle-free.


The digital transformation brought forth by Betasoft ushered in a new era for MDDUS:

Speedier Claim Processing: With optimised workflows and modern apps, claims were processed in record time, increasing client satisfaction.
Data at Fingertips: MDDUS professionals could now retrieve any piece of information almost instantaneously, aiding in faster decision-making.
Seamless User Experience: The new applications and interface ensured that MDDUS staff spent less time grappling with technology and more time assisting clients.
Enhanced Security and Compliance: With modern SharePoint’s robust security protocols, all data remained protected, and MDDUS stayed compliant with industry regulations.

With these profound changes, MDDUS fortified its position as a reliable and efficient medical and dental indemnity insurance provider, always ready to support its clientele in their times of need.