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McLaren Packaging’s Digital Overhaul for Complaint Management


McLaren Packaging is a leader in the packaging industry, known for their innovation and high-quality products catering to a wide range of clientele.

Sector: Manufacturing – Packaging


In an industry where product quality and customer satisfaction are paramount, McLaren Packaging grappled with a disjointed and outdated complaints management system. This led to slower response times, inconsistent handling of complaints, and a lack of data-driven insights to identify root causes and trends.


To streamline McLaren Packaging’s complaint management process, Betasoft provided a cutting-edge solution leveraging Microsoft’s toolset:

PowerApps Implementation: Developed a user-friendly interface for complaint registration, ensuring easy data entry and tracking.
Workflow Automation: Leveraged Microsoft 365’s workflow capabilities to ensure that once a complaint was registered, it automatically followed a structured and efficient resolution process.
Real-time Dashboards: With Power BI integration, the Operations Manager could instantly view the status of complaints, resolution times, and recurring issues.
Feedback Loop: Post-resolution, an automated feedback system was initiated to capture customer feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.


The impact of the new system was profound:

Swift Resolutions: The streamlined workflow ensured that complaints were addressed promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction.
Consistent Handling: Every complaint, regardless of its nature, followed a uniform process, ensuring consistent quality of resolution.
Actionable Insights: The Operations Manager, with data at their disposal, could identify areas of improvement, leading to proactive measures to reduce complaints.
Enhanced Reputation: With faster resolution times and an efficient system, McLaren Packaging bolstered its reputation as a customer-centric organisation.

Thanks to Betasoft’s intervention, McLaren Packaging transformed a critical aspect of their operations, reinforcing their position as a leader in the packaging industry.