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Housing Ombudsman’s Transformation with SharePoint Custom Development


The Housing Ombudsman plays a pivotal role in addressing and resolving disputes between tenants and landlords, ensuring fair treatment and adherence to housing laws and standards.

Sector: Government – Housing Services


With an influx of complaints and the responsibility of overseeing numerous housing providers, the Housing Ombudsman faced challenges with data storage, retrieval, and analysis. Their existing system was fragmented, causing delays in addressing disputes and providing timely resolutions. Additionally, there was a lack of a unified platform for different departments, leading to inefficiencies and potential miscommunication.


Betasoft embarked on a journey with the Housing Ombudsman to radically overhaul their digital infrastructure:

SharePoint Custom Development: Introduced a tailored SharePoint system designed to cater specifically to the Housing Ombudsman’s unique requirements.
Support Retainer: Ensured that the Housing Ombudsman had consistent access to expert support, ensuring that any technical glitches or updates were addressed promptly.
Modern Development Integration: Leveraged modern SharePoint capabilities to build intuitive interfaces and dashboards, offering real-time insights and data analytics.
Unified Platform: Created a centralised hub where all departments could access and store data, streamlining communication and data-sharing.


The transformation was palpable:

Efficient Case Handling: The unified platform enabled quicker access to case files and data, resulting in swifter resolutions.
Improved Inter-Departmental Collaboration: With a centralised hub, departments could seamlessly share information, leading to more coordinated and effective case handling.
Real-time Data Access: Decision-makers could pull up real-time data and insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and foresee potential challenges.
Reduced Operational Glitches: With the support retainer, technical issues were promptly addressed, ensuring smooth operations.

With Betasoft’s strategic intervention, the Housing Ombudsman significantly enhanced their service delivery, reinforcing their commitment to justice and fairness in the housing sector.