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Entrepreneurial Spark’s Seamless Transition to Cloud Management


Entrepreneurial Spark, an esteemed startup accelerator, boasts a vast network of hubs scattered across the UK and Ireland. Their vision centred around harnessing the potential of startups, providing them with a robust framework to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Sector: NFP – Business Services (Business Accelerator)

Given their expansive network, E-Spark grappled with the intricacies of managing a diversified digital infrastructure. The dynamic nature of startups, combined with the challenge of onboarding and offboarding members, presented complexities in licensing, support, and configuration. Their primary requirement was a seamless cloud infrastructure with end-to-end support.


Betasoft took the reins, offering an all-encompassing solution for E-Spark’s challenges:

Licensing Management: Regularly monitored and managed the licensing for Office 365 and Dynamics 365, ensuring no startup faced licensing issues and had uninterrupted access to necessary tools.
End-User Support: Established a support framework addressing end-user queries, ranging from software-related doubts to computer hardware issues.
Cloud Configuration Management: Implemented seamless processes to manage dynamic changes in the Office 365 environment, such as inducting new users or tweaking SharePoint site configurations.


With Betasoft’s intervention, E-Spark witnessed:

Optimised Cloud Management: The transition to a fully managed cloud infrastructure proved seamless, with startups having uninterrupted access to essential tools.
Reduced Downtime: Swift end-user support services ensured minimal disruptions, allowing startups to focus on their core objectives.
Efficient Resource Allocation: E-Spark could now efficiently allocate resources, ensuring optimal utilisation and minimising overhead costs.

Betasoft’s robust support framework empowered E-Spark to manage their expansive digital infrastructure efficiently, paving the way for startups to scale and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.