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Cooke Aquaculture’s Leap to Modern Workplace


Cooke Aquaculture Scotland stands tall as a dominant force in the Scottish Salmon production sector, owing to its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability.

Sector: Agriculture – Aquaculture


In the fast-paced world of aquaculture, Cooke Aquaculture realised the need to embrace digital solutions for enhanced productivity and efficiency. They sought an environment where their team could explore, learn, and harness the power of SharePoint and its capabilities, especially for data integration from smart wearable technology.


Betasoft offered a holistic solution tailored to Cooke Aquaculture’s unique requirements:

Customised Training: A bespoke training program was conceived, catering specifically to the nuances of the aquaculture sector and Cooke’s specific demands.
POC Environment Setup: A Proof of Concept (POC) environment was established within the client’s Office 365 tenant. This sandboxed area became a playground for learning and experimentation without impacting the live setup.
Integration with Wearable Tech: A custom POC was developed to harness data from Garmin smartwatches. Through the SharePoint API, data was seamlessly integrated into SharePoint lists, providing a unified dashboard for monitoring and analysis.


Betasoft’s intervention bore multiple fruitful outcomes:

Empowered Staff: With the tailored training, the staff at Cooke Aquaculture became adept at using SharePoint, enhancing their efficiency manifold.
Real-time Data Integration: The integration with Garmin smartwatches provided real-time data insights, pivotal for timely decision-making and monitoring.
Safe Exploration: The POC environment ensured that any experimentation or learning did not disrupt their main operations.

With Betasoft’s guidance, Cooke Aquaculture not only embraced the modern workplace but also leveraged technology for tangible business outcomes.