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Church of Scotland’s Digital Leap into Secure Policy Management

The Church of Scotland, revered as the national church and fondly referred to in Scots language as “the Kirk”, plays a pivotal role in the spiritual and moral fabric of Scotland.

In its commitment to guiding its congregation and maintaining its esteemed stature, the Church of Scotland grappled with managing a plethora of policies and ensuring that they are securely shared among its committees. The challenges included the absence of streamlined approval processes, periodic policy updates, and a robust system to track policy acknowledgements.


Betasoft, tapping into the capabilities of Microsoft 365, envisioned and executed a comprehensive solution:

Tailored SharePoint Site Templates: Custom site templates were designed to cater to the specific policy management needs of the Church.
SPFX Web Parts & Information Rights Management: Ensuring that not only were the policies efficiently managed but also securely shared, leveraging advanced SPFX web parts and robust information rights management systems.
Policy Definition Creation: Introduced the ability to formulate policy definitions that can be directly applied to new policy templates, offering a streamlined approach to policy drafting.
Integrated Approval Processes: Instituted an automated approval process linked to policy definitions. This managed task assignments, ensuring that every policy underwent a rigorous review before dissemination.
Periodic Update Reminders: Policies were assigned specific owners, and the system was calibrated to send reminders for regular updates, ensuring the relevance and accuracy of content.
Acknowledgment Tracking: A system was devised to request, record, and track acknowledgments for policies that were shared securely, ensuring compliance and awareness among the stakeholders.


With Betasoft’s intervention:

Enhanced Security & Compliance: The Church of Scotland could confidently share policies, knowing that they were safeguarded by state-of-the-art security measures.
Streamlined Policy Management: From creation to dissemination, every aspect of policy management became organised and efficient.
Accountability & Transparency: The integrated approval processes and acknowledgement tracking instilled a sense of responsibility and transparency among stakeholders.
Future-ready Platform: The Church is now equipped with a platform that not only addresses its current challenges but is also scalable to meet future policy management requirements.
Betasoft’s solution empowered the Church of Scotland to combine its age-old wisdom with modern technology, ensuring its guidelines remain relevant, secure, and efficiently managed.