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Chisholm Hunter’s Digital Transformation for Enhanced Business Processes

Chisholm Hunter, a renowned diamond merchant and jeweller, has over 25 stores spread across Scotland and England. As a trusted name in the jewellery industry, they aim for precision, elegance, and efficiency in both their products and operational processes.

Sector: Retail – Jewelry


While Chisholm Hunter flourished in the jewellery market, their internal sales metric reporting mechanism was cumbersome and time-consuming. Branch managers across their numerous locations were relying on Excel spreadsheet templates to report sales data. This data was then collected and amalgamated at the head office, leading to inefficiencies, potential data discrepancies, and a lag in real-time decision-making.


Betasoft recognised the potential of modernising Chisholm Hunter’s business processes through digital transformation:

Scoping & Design: Initiated with a meticulous scoping exercise that led to the creation of UX & UI wireframes. This ensured the digital solution was tailored to Chisholm Hunter’s specific needs and seamlessly fit into their existing SharePoint online intranet portal.
Modern Web Part Interfaces: Leveraging the SharePoint react UI framework, modern web part interfaces were developed. These interfaces facilitated branch managers to feed in sales metric data directly into the system.
Integration with PowerBI: The data entered by branch managers was directly channelled to PowerBI, offering head office real-time insights through intuitive visualisations and reports.
End-to-End Project Management: Overseeing the implementation phase to ensure data integrity and smooth transition, followed by comprehensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Expanding the Digital Horizon: Recognising the success and potential of digital transformation, further phases were planned to automate other operational areas, including repair workshop processes through the intranet portal.


Chisholm Hunter’s transformation journey with Betasoft bore impressive results:

Real-time Reporting: Sales metrics became instantly accessible to the head office, facilitating faster and data-driven decision-making.
Elimination of Manual Processes: The shift from Excel templates to an automated system reduced errors and increased efficiency.
Enhanced User Experience: The modern interfaces were not only efficient but also user-friendly, ensuring seamless adoption by branch managers.
Scalability for Future Innovations: With a foundational digital platform in place, Chisholm Hunter is poised to seamlessly integrate future technological advancements.
Through Betasoft’s digital solutions, Chisholm Hunter enhanced their business processes, ensuring that their operational excellence matched their reputation in the jewellery industry.