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Ayrshire Hospice’s Modern Workplace Transformation


Ayrshire Hospice stands as a beacon of hope, offering care services to those with life-limiting illnesses. They prioritise improving the quality of each day for individuals who have limited time, ensuring their days are spent with dignity, comfort, and support.


Ayrshire Hospice, though exemplary in their care services, faced challenges with their existing business systems and processes. Relying on an on-premise SharePoint service system, they encountered limitations in terms of data accessibility, integration, and scalability. Their system lacked the modern functionalities needed to streamline operations, automate processes, and ensure efficient data management.


Betasoft collaborated with Ayrshire Hospice to transition their traditional system to a modern digital workspace on Office 365 SharePoint Online.

The transformation process was methodical:

Mapping Existing Business Systems & Processes: A comprehensive assessment to understand the depth and breadth of existing functionalities, data structures, and user requirements.
Migration Planning & Execution: Transitioning from the on-premise SharePoint system to Office 365 SharePoint Online, ensuring data integrity and minimal disruptions.
Re-implementation: This involved setting up content types, libraries, and managed metadata in the new environment.
Risk Register: Using SharePoint Online’s out-the-box capabilities, an automated risk register was developed to efficiently track and manage risks.
Asset Management System: Another application of SharePoint Online’s capabilities resulted in the construction of an intuitive asset management system.
Room Booking Management: A bespoke room booking management system was designed and integrated to cater to the Hospice’s unique requirements.
Training: Comprehensive user training sessions ensured that the Hospice staff could effortlessly navigate and utilise the new system’s features.


The transition to Office 365 SharePoint Online revitalised Ayrshire Hospice’s digital workspace:

Seamless Access: Data and systems became more accessible, facilitating smoother operations across departments.
Enhanced Functionality: The new system introduced improved functionalities that automated processes like risk management and asset management.
Streamlined Booking: The bespoke room booking system optimised space utilisation and scheduling.
Future-Proofing: With a scalable platform, Ayrshire Hospice is now positioned to seamlessly integrate future technological innovations.

This digital transformation, helmed by Betasoft, enabled Ayrshire Hospice to further enhance its primary mission—providing unparalleled care to its patients, backed by a modern and efficient operational backbone.