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Arrhythmia Alliance’s Technological Leap with SharePortals CRM



Arrhythmia Alliance, a prominent name in the healthcare nonprofit sector, is dedicated to promoting heart health and helping those with cardiac arrhythmias. Their vast database of patients, doctors, donors, and volunteers required an efficient and centralised management system.


Sector: Nonprofit – Healthcare




While Arrhythmia Alliance had an extensive network of stakeholders, they lacked a unified platform to manage their interactions, schedules, and data efficiently. Their manual processes led to redundancies, potential data losses, and increased time in retrieving and updating information. This inefficiency hampered their ability to provide timely assistance and outreach, which is critical in the healthcare domain.




Betasoft stepped in to provide a seamless solution tailored for Arrhythmia Alliance:


Integration of SharePortals CRM: This state-of-the-art CRM system was interfaced with Arrhythmia Alliance’s existing Microsoft 365 back-end. The choice of SharePortals ensured that the CRM was inherently compatible with their existing technology stack.

Custom Development for Tailored Needs: Specific functionalities were developed to cater to the unique needs of a healthcare nonprofit. These included patient history tracking, donor management, volunteer scheduling, and event management.

Centralised Data Management: All stakeholders’ data was centralised in the CRM, ensuring real-time updates and instant data retrieval.

Training and Support: To ensure smooth adoption, comprehensive training sessions were organised for staff. Additionally, IT support was provided to handle queries and troubleshooting.




The introduction of SharePortals CRM transformed the way Arrhythmia Alliance operated:


Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: With a 360-degree view of every stakeholder, the organisation could personalise interactions, leading to better engagement and support.

Efficiency in Operations: Manual tasks were minimised, and automation ensured that processes like patient follow-ups, event scheduling, and donor outreach were streamlined.

Data-Driven Decisions: With data at their fingertips, the organisation could make informed decisions, be it in campaign planning, resource allocation, or patient care.

Empowered Staff: With an intuitive interface and centralised data, staff could focus more on their core responsibilities and less on administrative tasks.


Thanks to Betasoft’s intervention, Arrhythmia Alliance could amplify their impact and better serve their community, reinforcing their commitment to heart health.