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PeopleSoft Campus Solutions & OnBase

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) from Oracle is a highly advanced student information management system that deals with most of the data and processes of the student life-cycle. In the UK 21 institutions use PeopleSoft CS as their primary SIS. And although PeopleSoft CS provides the ability to store documents, it should not be mistaken for a document management system as we know it. Although, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions allows education providers to manage many student processes – it is not what can be considered a configurable automation platform.

If you are looking to implement additional document management and student process automation you might find easier and more cost-effective solutions elsewhere. OnBase is one such place.

OneBase is a low-code (mostly no-code) Enterprise Information Platform that easily integrates with SIS’ and ERP’s. OnBase allows organisations to rapidly implement document and process automation solutions to complement (and not replace) such ERP’s.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is one of those ERPs that OnBase integrates with at a number of levels:

  • Admissions: The integration speeds admissions decisions by automatically indexing documents, updating PeopleSoft checklists and electronically routing the complete applications to the appropriate counsellors
  • Financial Aid: The integration supports faster financial verification, supporting compliance and giving confidence during awarding to help protect enrollment numbers
  • Transcript Processing: The integration writes an equivalency decision and the resulting new rule to PeopleSoft so the system is immediately ready to award credit the next time that course is transferred
  • HR: The integration updates document checklists to speed and simplify employee on-boarding and support compliance
Madison College added 6,000 rules to PeopleSoft in one year by integrating OnBase with the ERP in transcript processing.


Besides the ‘deep’ integration between those two platforms OnBase Application Enabler also connects documents and processes held in OnBase to PeopleSoft CS screens. This allows student administrators to transparently retrieve documents and launch processes relevant to the student currently displayed in a PeopleSoft window. This takes hours and not days or weeks to setup and configure!

Here is an example of the OnBase Peoplesoft Related Content feature:

Other examples are the OnBase secure Web Portals that can be used to allow existing and prospective students to securely submit and review documents and forms relevant to their application and student life. Once submitted through those portals those documents and forms are held securely in OnBase and can be accessed via the PeopleSoft interface. If the full integration with PeopleSoft is implemented OnBase will be able to update checklists and other data items.

For other examples of how other Higher Education providers have benefitted from OnBase please read more here.

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