Betasoft offer exemplary support and enabling services for all of PaperCut’s many features. We specialise in guiding customers through turning on and getting the most of the more advanced components of PaperCut and also offering bespoke integrations. Examples including linking PaperCut with other payments systems such as EMOS, providing bespoke web based integrations with legacy systems and linking PaperCut with payment and recharge systems such as Agresso.

Download the PaperCut return on investment calculator to see how quickly the investment  pays back and gives quantifiable savings papercut-roi-calculator

PaperCut at a glance

  • Scales from 5 to 500,000 users
  • Works on any platform: Win, Mac, Linux, Novell
  • Automatically imports users from Active Directory, LDAP and more
  • Supported by a worldwide network of certified experts
  • Solve Mobile & BYOD printing allowing users to print from whatever device at their disposal

Please see these short videos, demonstrating PaperCut’s features that Betasoft can help you enable and ensure their full functionality and provide ongoing support for.

PaperCut integration with Apple iOS

PaperCut Advanced Client Billing (Account Recharging)

PaperCut’s guest printing demonstration

PaperCut Silent Monitoring

BYOD with PaperCut

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