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Digital Transformation of the Workplace

With new business generation virtually on hold we have been doing a lot of thinking and internal talking about the ‘where next’. Being the eternal optimist I see Betasoft being a part of that accelerating transformation of the workplace that is bound to come. Here is an overview of our thoughts:

there are many elements in this and every organisation is different. Some may benefit from some, others from all. This is not a quick fix, by any means. The word ‘Transformation’ is defined by Oxford as a ‘A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.’. But each addressing individual items will bring benefits, whether those benefits are simply enabling employees to work from home or additionally saving money and improving customer services at the same time.

Some of the items shown above can be implemented without much additional investment, for example if licenses are already in place and a migration or switch over has simply not been executed. Some other steps can be achieved by moving application servers to a public data centre. Others will require no more than changing a configuration. Yet, some will require exhaustive analysis and and solution design and deployment.

The fact is, after this lockdown comes to an end nothing will ever be the same again. Changes will occur. Working from home, although, not suitable for every occupation or every personality, is here to stay. It can save money on desks and buildings and benefits the environment by commuting less.

I will be writing a series of posts here talking about some of the items in the diagram above in more detail. Stay tuned.