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OnBase Application Enabler and Enterprise HR Systems


Application Enabler is an integration platform that connects business application screens to related OnBase documents, content and processes.

Application Enabler provides complete interaction between a business application screen and the related OnBase documents, content and process management. Users can opt for a real-time, no-click display of documents associated with their enabled screen, or access documents and processes with a simple mouse click or key press. Business systems can be configured without custom programming, scripting or modifications. Application Enabler (AE) provides a toolbox to create integrations with virtually any application, and has a proven track record with hundreds of business systems.

Application Enabler connects core HR Systems to related documents stored in OnBase

The Application Enabler uses ‘screen scraping’ technology to identify key information on a screen and enables the retrieval and display of related documents from OnBase. Using the same principle users can use the AE to auto-index and upload documents into OnBase or initiate processes defined in OnBase such as approvals, reviews and appraisals.

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