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OnBase and SAP Integration

OnBase Connector for SAP ArchiveLink

OnBase integrates with SAP ArchiveLink® using SAP-Certified Integrations to automatically connect documents to the transactions they support. At any point in the business process documents can automatically be linked to existing SAP business objects, or business objects can be auto-created upon document capture into OnBase. This means that even in de-centralized operations, workers don’t have to search in multiple locations for information needed to complete transactions. Everything is at their fingertips—right from SAP screens—shrinking cycle times without adding training costs.

  • Accounts Payable processes are streamlined from beginning to end. Invoicing is easily prioritized based on the organization’s needs and requires only a single point of data entry, automatically updating all necessary systems.
  • Accounts Receivable departments can quickly resolve deduction issues by linking all supporting content to customer records.
  • Human Resources must ensure that all employee records exist, are not expired, and are completely secure. Content can be linked at any time to any employee record in SAP. OnBase reporting easily identifies any missing or expired records.
  • IT Administration is reduced with SAP-certified solutions. IT can easily extend the integration with a complete administration front end. OnBase is also a certified back end repository for all data archive strategies.
Key Features
  • Seamlessly route documents with SAP Workflow.
  • Pass keyword information to SAP Workflow to assist with prioritization and auto-population of SAP transaction fields.
  • Display documents from SAP with zero footprint required on client machines.
  • Automatically index OnBase documents whenever a related SAP business object is created or updated.
  • Enable OnBase Imaging iViews to extend ArchiveLink to SAP Enterprise Portal applications.
  • Link documents to SAP business objects using OnBase web services.
  • System-level integration provides real-time interaction between the SAP Business Workplace and OnBase.


Bi-Directional Data Exchange with SAP

In order to update data in SAP from OnBase workflows the OnBase Enterprise Integration Server is required. The Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) connects business systems to OnBase providing reliable real-time data exchange. EIS can continuously update information in multiple systems—even as content is added, updated or changed throughout the process—keeping all systems in sync. Enterprise-ready, EIS creates a single hub for the data and documents that lie at the heart of doing business.

Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) creates a central integration platform for communication between OnBase and other business systems. When information is changed in the business system, those changes can be immediately conveyed to OnBase to keep the systems in sync. In the same way, messages can be sent to the business system when content is received or changed in OnBase, providing access to the most up-to-date information for employees.

EIS Key Features


Facilitates real-time communication between OnBase and a business application for:

  • Keyword maintenance: AutoFill Keysets and Keywords on a document can be updated from a business application.
  • Electronic Forms: Can be automatically created, examined and updated in OnBase from the business application.
  • Workflow: Can be initiated, advanced or updated from the business application.
  • WorkView | Case Manager: Create, Delete, Read, Update and Execute Filters for WorkView Objects and Applications.
  • Document import: Documents can be stored directly in OnBase along with indexing information.
  • Search: Results can be displayed in the application interface and document access can be given via a hyperlink.
  • Update business application: When changes are made to documents in OnBase, EIS can update the business application.