Nuance Equitrac® delivers the versatility to maximize cost savings and increase security while minimizing print infrastructure costs.

  • Secure print work ows across the entire print fleet
  • A consistent & secure print experience for all users
  • Clear visibility and control of print usage & behaviour
  • Reduced printing-related strain on IT staff & infrastructure

Control. Convenience. Choice.

In business, change is constant, which creates challenges when deploying print. When users want to print, they expect to be able to. Users don’t think about which print server or network they are connected to. They don’t think about which print drivers they have downloaded. They certainly don’t think to check whether a printer is online and ready to print. They just want to hit ‘print’ and be done.

Meeting this expectation while reducing strain on IT staff and budgets is what Equitrac is all about. Equitrac also provides access to printing whenever and wherever users need it, while maintaining control over costs and security. Equitrac also delivers user convenience and choice, balanced with financial and environmental awareness to encourage responsible printing. It even offers the versatility needed to maximize print savings and security while minimizing network print infrastructure costs due to print servers, print drivers and the complexities of supporting mixed print fleets.

Reduce all the costs of printing
Control, convenience and choice all support the big “C”: cost savings.
  • Reduced consumables costs due to lower print volumes and optimized output costs
  • Reduced hardware costs due to the elimination of nonessential print hardware and user authentication
  • Reduced infrastructure costs due to automated print driver deployment and the elimination of print servers where appropriate

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