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The difference between Nuance AutoStore 7.0 and AutoStore 7.0 Express

When talking about Nuance autostore we are often asked what the main difference is between AutoStore 7.0 (full) and AutoStore 7.0 Express. This blog will outline the  the key differneces

First let us talk about the Express Edition:

Nuance AutoStore 7.0 Express

AutoStore 7.0 is designed for customers who only need to capture information from MFPs. It is a simplified version of AutoStore without add-ons and a reduced price.

AutoStore 7.0 Express provides partners with an ideal way to acquire new customers in the SMB space, or to deliver straightforward digitalisation solutions to individual departments or small divisions of large corporations.

AutoStore 7.0 Express is an ideal entry point to begin document digitalisation and demonstrate an effective Return on Investment.

Autostore Express Schematic

Nuance AutoStore 7.0

AutoStore 7.0 has been simplified – a single implementation of the software provides all customers with the benefits of the full suite of capture, process and route capabilities.

The new version 7.0 delivers significant improvements for partners:

  • a standardised installation process which reduces installation effort by 50%;
  • an enhanced administrator interface which simplifies the creation of workflows for customers;
  • simplified pricing tiers that now offer discounts on every licence in a volume sale.

End-users at customer organisations will benefit from enhancements such as:

  • the security and confidentiality of information;
  • the consistency of information in both paper and electronic forms;
  • smarter ways to use images captured by mobile cameras, phone or tablets;

Autostore Schematic


Autostore comparison