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New SafeCom features

August 2016 – New SafeCom features.

Installer Consolidation:
The print client and application print will be combined into a single installer.
Benefit: Customers will be able to more easily deploy the appropriate SafeCom component from a single installer package.

SQL 2012 and 2014 Support:
SafeCom is compatible with both SQL 2012 and 2014. SQL 2014 Express is now packaged with the SafeCom solution replacing SQL 2008 Express.
Benefit: IT Managers will be able to deploy SafeCom into their environments without creating exceptions for older version of SQL.

Enhanced Security:
SafeCom uses the MD5 message digest algorithm in several instances within the product for encryption and security purposes. Current guidelines recommend against using MD5 in favour of the more secure SHA-256 message digest algorithm. In this release, all instances of MD5 are being released with SHA-256.

Post-Track for HP Push Print Queues:
HP printers with a SafeCom embedded solution installed can now also provide post-print tracking information to SafeCom Push Ports.