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Microsoft Office 365 Automation Series: Covid-19 Health Bot

Like many organisations who have implemented work-from-home strategies, Betasoft have an eye on returning to the office in the near future for flexible working.  With many people taking the appropriate precautions and schools reopening in August for the first time since March, many will find it easier to consider being in the office again.

For organisations who use Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, Microsoft have created a customisable health bot which typically would be implemented as follows:

  1. Staff receive a daily email notification to take a daily screening assessment by interacting with the health bot.
  2. The email will contain a link to an interface which can be a webpage, Teams, Facebook or other supported methods.
  3. All responses can be captured and stored within the organisations own Microsoft Azure tenant.
  4. Depending on workflow configuration, responses can be configured to hand-off to a live agent using Teams
  5. Metrics can be viewed for:
    1. Who has missed taking the assessment.
    2. Staff who were asked to stay home vs those cleared for office access.
    3. Make predictions around capacity for teams
  6. Feedback can potentially be integrated with HR systems

When configuring the health bot, there are a number of templates available for other health related topics relevant to a workforce such as mental health:

A number of the COVID-19 specific templates use American CDC guidelines which are similar to the UK NHS guidelines, however the templates can be manipulated via script or workflow interface as shown below to keep the questions and workflows up to date and relevant:

There is a Microsoft blog which provides additional detail for setting this up, however it is intended for an organisation who either have internal Office 365 / Azure experts or work with a Microsoft partner such as ourselves to assist in setting this up properly.

We have set this up for ourselves, so if you’d like to have a look or ask us questions please feel free to get in touch.