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Kofax ControlSuite Support Options

Betasoft Solutions recognise that customers have different needs and require different approaches to technical support. To provide best-in-class service, Betasoft Solutions provide multiple options for customers of Kofax ControlSuite or any of its individual components: Kofax Equitrac, Kofax AutoStore and Kofax Output Manager.

Please note: This overview is aimed at our print partner reseller community and not our direct customer base!


This option is available to all customers as part of our annual maintenance and support plan. The Partner Support option is a collaborative approach between Kofax and Betasoft Solutions. Partner Resellers who opt for this support plan will handle Level 1 incidents and the 1st line of any more serious issues. Betasoft Solutions handle Level 2 support and 2nd line of any incidents. This means that the end-user will never contact Betasoft directly but register any issues with their primary Print Reseller first. The Partner Reseller will gather all required information about the incident and then raise a call with Betasoft.

For more severe issues or where a software fault has been identified, Betasoft will e­scalate to Kofax Customer Support for assistance.


  • Betasoft Solutions are your primary contact for all 2nd line support incidents
  • Printer Reseller provides level 1 support
  • Includes Kofax Software Assurance, such as free upgrades and bug fix patches – software but not labour
  • Includes Kofax escalation option during Kofax 8×5 support hours
  • Betasoft provides all device hardware support

For Partner Resellers who want more control over supporting their Kofax software and escalate issues directly to Kofax the Direct Support option is available. Customers who purchase this support option can contact Kofax directly for all levels of support incidents.


  • Allows Partner Resellers to open support incidents directly with Kofax
  • Betasoft Solutions retain option to escalate to Kofax on behalf of Partner Reseller or end-user
  • Betasoft provides all device hardware support
  • Includes Kofax Software Assurance, such as free upgrades and bug fix patches – software but not labour

If you are a print partner in need of Kofax ControlSuite support. Please get in touch.