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Kofax ControlSuite Autostore

Looking to learn more about some of the features Kofax control suite, autostore has to offer? This blog will take you through, what control suite autostore is and some of the key fetaures to know about.

Kofax Control Suite – Autostore

NSI AutoStore has a long history of helping to deliver feature-rich and scalable document capture, process and routing solutions, meeting many popular workflow requirements. Whether that is to meet simple requirements such as scanning paper at an MFP, converting it to text-searchable documents and then routing it to one of many document repositories or to deliver zone-based OCR for automating forms processing.

Since it first arrived on the market Nuance have acquired the AutoStore technology, which has now been acquired by Kofax.

For a few years now Nuance has worked on combining their best-of-breed secure print (Equitrac), document capture (AutoStore) and output management (OutputManager) offerings into a single platform called Control Suite (now Kofax Control Suite). The primary reason was to take on the and lead again the sprawling market of secure print software offerings.

At the same time Nuance (and now Kofax) moved away from device-based licenses and towards user-based licensing with 2 primary offerings: Foundation and Enterprise. The Kofax Control Suite Foundation offering provides most customers with all they may ever need.

Given the amazingly low price-point of the Kofax Control Suite Foundation user licence, this has now become an extremely price-competitive offering, whilst at the same time maintaining a rich feature-set.

A recent customer quote highlighted just how much better value ControlSuite user licenses can be! A solution for 120 users and 15 MFD devices turned out to be more than a 1/3 of the cost of choosing AutoStore 7 device licenses. Admittedly, in this case, the ratio of users per device was less than 10, which is on the low side. But even at a ratio of 10, the cost of ControlSuite AutoStore was still only a third of the traditional AutoStore device licenses.

Here are some features that were added in ControlSuite AutoStore 8:

  • User-based pricing and licensing that entitles all users to access Kofax AutoStore workflows via AutoCapture, Web capture, Mobile Capture and MFP capture.
  • Simplified installation and configuration experience.
  • Ability to integrate natively with Kofax Equitrac 6 and Kofax Output Manager 5
  • Capture print streams from Kofax Equitrac and Kofax Output Manager
  • AutoStore purchase includes basic authentication provided by either Equitrac 6 or Output

Manager 5 Server Document Protection – in-process documents are accessible only the account executing

  • The workflow.
  • Document Transformation – convert an incoming print stream into an image format such as

TIFF or rasterised PDF, add watermarking.

  • Ability to route documents and metadata to Kofax Equitrac and Kofax Output Manager
  • PowerShare route component.
  • HL7 Messenger and CDA Builder healthcare components
  • ProLaw route component
  • A “Unified Capture Component” that allows workflows to be applied across multiple brands of MFPs that are using the Unified Client (varies per machine)
  • Ability to merge PDF documents via the Binder component
  • AutoCapture now includes database lookup
  • Citrix Server virtualisation support.
  • Update: AutoCapture support for Windows 10
  • Update: QuickCapture support for Windows 8 and 10

Original AutoStore features are:

In addition to scanners and MFPs mentioned above, documents can be captured from folders, email boxes and even though mobile, hand-held devices.

Here is a complete list of capture sources:

  • Multifunction peripherals (MFPs)
  • Smartphones
  • Copiers
  • Desktop Scanners
  • Desktops PCs
  • Microsoft® Office® applications
  • Email clients
  • Email inbox
  • Directory (network or local)
  • Email server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) Fax servers
  • Local or remote folders
  • FTP sites (secure and unsecured)

Once scanned and delivered to the AutoStore server images can be enhanced and cleaned up. AutoStore Optical Character Recognition or OCR then converts the image to a text-searchable document format such as PDF, Word, Excel

Image Processing Capabilities:

  • Full-text recognition
  • Zonal text recognition
  • Hand printed character recognition (ICR)
  • Forms recognition (structured/ semi-structured)
  • Optical Mark Reading (OMR)
  • Image Clean-up
  • MRC PDF Compression
  • Barcode recognition (1D/2D)
  • Bates stamp
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Forms Overlay
  • Reporting
  • Automated email notification

Once the image is processed and the indexing information is captured documents can be routed to one of many destinations:

  • Network Folders
  • Email
  • Fax servers
  • Printers
  • ODBC-compliant databases
  • Send to HTTP
  • Secure FTP sites
  • Send to XML & WebDav
  • Document Management Systems and Cloud Services from vendors such as OnBase by Hyland, Microsoft®, Google®, EMC®, OpenText®, FileNet®, Interwoven®, IBM®, Docuware®, and more
  • CSV, command files
  • Captaris RightFax

So, what would a typical application look like?

In a mailroom, the user walks up to a multi-function device and authenticates. From the control panel menu, they chose ‘Scan to SharePoint’ then select the document type and whatever index data you have defined. Place the document(s) into the feeder and press Start.

The document is scanned and converted to text-searchable PDF and routed, along with the index/metadata information to your preferred DMS system.

If you have any questions or would like to know more aout Kofax Conrol Suite, you can learn more here or give us a call  +44 141 488 1511.