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Policies Management in Office365 SharePoint

Policies Management is the process of creating, approving, dissemminating and tracking acceptance of orgaisational policy documents. How can you use Office 365 and SharePoint to manage your policy processes?

Each large organisation must update, maintain, and publish policies to meet constantly changing compliance regulations. These must often meet industry-wide, local, national, and international legislation. This applies significant pressure on organisations not already using cloud-based, intelligent software.

In this blog, we will explore how you can manage policies within SharePoint, notably through our Policy Management SharePortal System.


Policies Management in Office365 SharePoint

Using your existing Microsoft SharePoint system to implement specific functions is a great way to ensure that all your key operations are consolidated under one larger software umbrella. This makes life much easier for key policy administrators, IT specialists, and HR teams. It provides a central database for all current published policies, but also – perhaps more crucially – past policies, which need to be stored safely for compliance reasons.


4 Key Steps to Policies Management in Office365 SharePoint
  1. Create a new policy based on established templates. You will be asked to a policy definition, which will ultimately determine who will approve the policy.
  2. Request draft approval or external approval. Once the approval process has started the policy document will show up in a list of pending approvals. The approver will receive an email notification with actions to review. They can either log in to the portal to review all the pending approvals that have been assigned to them, or they can view these without logging in to the portal if they are an external user.
  3. Publish Policies, which can also be done externally. Once approved, the policy will also appear in the published policy library, and a review date will be assigned based on the policy definition type.
  4. Receive acknowledgement from other licensed users. Policy managers can initiate a request against any Office 365 user in the organisation’s tenant by utilising our interactive Power BI dashboard, which displays all active published policies and allows you to select users and groups for acknowledgement.


Already Using Office 365?

Using SharePoint for Policy Management is particularly relevant if you are already using Office 365, as the policy management system can be configured within your existing Office 365 system, like an add-on module. While Betasoft can assist with SharePoint Migration efforts, we fully acknowledge that most businesses already have some level of engagement with SharePoint.

This provides many benefits when it comes to managing policies, as this can be configured to work within the present scope of your Office 365 set up, with possible add-ins and updates all available if required. This makes your system highly scalable and it doesn’t require extensive SharePoint knowledge to work with.

If you are already managing policies on another system, we can help you migrate your current policies into your new SharePoint system, which provides more security, workflow possibilities, and accessibility benefits than an external Policy Management System.


Leverage the Power of Your Existing Licenses

By utilising your existing Microsoft Office 365 license, you can easily and quickly deploy your new Policy Management Software without having to purchase a separate (and perhaps incompatible) system. This reduces the need for complex configurations which link up the disparate operational elements of your business. It also facilitates quick business-wide updates whenever they are required and allows organisation-wide collaboration throughout all your Office 365 applications.

This makes it easy for policy managers to manage the entire policy manage procedure while allowing important stakeholders, managers, and IT experts to maintain visibility over this process.


Get a demo today

If you are looking to find out more about how your business can manage policies in SharePoint, feel free to request a demo from one of our policy management experts.