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Easily Attach Documents to Business Objects in SAP

Does your organisation regularly assign documents to business data within SAP? If so you may have costly inefficiencies if any of the following is true:

  1. Capture of physical documents often leaves duplicates of documents within email inboxes, desktop clutter etc, resulting in unnecessary storage use, and security / audit risks.
  2. Mobile workers or those in fast paced roles need a quick and simple way to feed in and associate documents, but have no means of doing so without multiple time consuming steps.
  3. Documents are not easily searchable using keyword searches once in the system.
  4. Business process workflows are desired for certain scenarios. For example business rules which send alert notifications if certain data exists within a document.

Using Nuance Autostore, Betasoft can provide a very cost effective solution to these needs by utilising the multiple capture methods which exist as part of this system.  The following outlines the end-to-end stages to associate documents from just a few common sources:

Step 1: Create a capture order request from within any SAP object:

Step 2: Capture from any place a document could originate from.  3 examples below: Mobile, MFD, Desktop

2.a Mobile – Capture from a mobile app on any iOS or Android compatible tablet or mobile phone:

2.b Capture from a Multi-Function-Device scanner with an LCD interface:


2.c Capture from a desktop (similar experience within Microsoft Office applications such as Word / Outlook):

Step 3: To retrieve the capture documents associated with the object selected in step 1:

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