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Device Security Considerations in view of recent cyber attacks

I’d like to jump on the current security bandwagon and talk a little about print and multi-function device security. Recent cyber-attacks on the NHS and Hollywood film studios, amongst others, highlight that not enough is done to secure critical infrastructure and data. Most public sector organisations and private enterprises have in place software solutions to provide secure print release and device access control. Nuance SafeCom and other vendors have that well under control. Where implemented Pull Print is loved and appreciated.

Fast-Forward to ‘Wannabe Print’: IT departments across the country are feverishly working on securing their environment applying emergency patches on desktops, laptops, and servers.  The primary attack vectors are users clicking email links and websites for introducing ransomware, however the single most overlooked vector are networked print devices.  Every single modern network printer on the market today is capable acting as a computer if the device is compromised, such accessing network resources and delivering payloads to other machines.  Network printers can be managed using a pro-active security policy via HP Security Manager to eliminate this possibility. HP Security Manager lets you:

  1. Define device security policies
  2. Automatically apply the policy to newly installed devices
  3. Automatically run regular checks that policies are still in place and
  4. Remediate where settings were altered

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