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Data Loss Prevention with ControlSuite OutputManager

For many organisations unauthorised data loss can have serious legal or reputational consequences. Preventing data loss requires an holistic approach to cover many areas of an IT infrastructure as well as changes of user behaviour. The best public access policies and systems prevent a great deal of theft of critical information. However, according to a paper by McAfee, user behaviour Рintentional or accidental Рaccounts for 43% of data loss in an organisation. The same paper reveals that that over a quarter (27%) of data thefts concern customer information and one third (33%)  concern employee information. Theft of payment card information was the aim of 11% of internal actors.

Even though only a small percentage of all data loss occurs through the print media – addressing the risks may be easier and less costly than you think.

With the ControlSuite’s OutputManager features administrators now have the tools to define print and redaction rules conditioned on the content of a print job. Those rules can involve:

  • Redacting important information, such as credit card numbers,
  • Creating and placing a unique ID on the document, that can include the user name, the term ‘Confidential’, a document numberetc
  • Rename the document
  • Place document in a print archive
  • Route to a print approval manager

If you want to learn more about data loss prevention technologies pleas contact us.