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Celebrating A Big Milestone – 20K Day!

HAPPY 20k DAY!!!!

This week, two of the most important people in my life celebrate their 20k Day.

“What’s a 20k Day?” I hear you ask.

It is, very simply, their 20,000th day since being born (they are twins, in case you were wondering).

Turns out that, even if you make it to a very ripe old age, we don’t get what you would call an abundance of days on Planet Earth. Even Sir David Attenborough (speaking of Planet Earth) has only had 35,216 days so far in which to create his many extraordinary achievements.

Our days are indeed numbered. And precious.

By the way, 20,000 days takes you to a few months short of your 55th birthday, to save you doing the maths. But, seeing as I like maths, I thought I’d work out a few “how many days have they been around” for some of the most important companies in tech…

Every day is precious indeed, to each of us as individuals and to the people & companies & organisations & brands in our daily lives. We need to make every day count – there’s a lot to fit in!

Our business, Betasoft (9,264 days and counting), is dedicated to helping everyone get the most out of their every working day, with our expertise in delivering you maximum value from Microsoft’s world-leading suite of productivity apps.

Days matter. Don’t waste another one. We’d love to hear from you, today or some day soon.

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