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Building an Order Requisition System with Power Apps


In today’s digital age, many businesses are held back by manual and outdated processes, hindering their potential in a rapidly evolving business world. Betasoft specialises in facilitating transitions to more efficient solutions using Microsoft 365’s suite of tools such as Office Online, SharePoint, and Exchange. These tools can modernise operations without requiring extra licensing.

Betasoft recently helped a client transform the Order Requisition System with Microsoft 365. The business employed field-based operatives who sent order requisition forms to the head office for processing and fulfilment. This process was previously done by manually completing paper forms and posting them to the head office for further processing.

Betasoft utilised the Power App interface to capture, display, and edit orders, Power Automate flows for data processing, and SharePoint lists for order storage.

We addressed the following challenges:

  1. Creating an incremental number field in SharePoint compatible with calculated columns – the default SharePoint ‘ID’ field couldn’t be used in a computed column or formula.
  2. Capturing a signature using the Power Apps pen control and storing it as an image file in a SharePoint library – Power Apps captures pen input as a code representation of the signature, not an image.
  3. In the knowledge that our solution would need to handle hundreds, if not thousands, of orders over time, it was crucial that all Power App filtering was compatible with function delegation. If there are more than 500 records in a dataset, and a function used is inconsistent with delegation, Power Apps can’t retrieve all the data.
  4. Filtering the Power Apps gallery control to show only items created by the current user – gallery controls have no awareness of the current user.
  5. Conditional formatting of Power Apps gallery control items – gallery control styling changes typically affect all gallery items.

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