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Betasoft’s Product Offerings

Microsoft 365:

The world’s premier suite of business apps.
Overview: Microsoft 365 has revolutionised the way organisations operate, streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and boosting productivity.

Services: Whether you're starting afresh or optimising an existing setup, Betasoft ensures a smooth transition. Our services range from installation, optimisation, and training to help you unlock Microsoft 365's full potential.

Benefits: With Betasoft's expertise, your Microsoft 365 will function more effectively and efficiently, maximising your ROI.

Microsoft Power Platform:

The key to tailor-made solutions for unique challenges.

Overview: Whenever there’s a repetitive task, a challenge, or a brilliant idea, Microsoft Power Platform comes into play. It's your gateway to custom solutions.

Services: Betasoft's PowerApps team will craft personalised solutions, leveraging the full capabilities of the Power Platform. This encompasses data analysis, automation, and creating tailored solutions, all securely and compliantly.

Benefits: With Betasoft, Power Platform's capabilities will be tailor-fitted to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and utility.

Microsoft SharePoint:

The epicenter of collaboration and productivity.

Overview: SharePoint stands as the fulcrum around which all major M365 applications revolve, promoting seamless collaboration.

Services: Store and share resources efficiently. Betasoft’s team will help you harness SharePoint's potential, customising it to suit your team's workflows and collaboration needs.

Benefits: With SharePoint optimised by Betasoft, your team will experience enhanced collaboration across various devices and platforms.

SharePortals – Your Microsoft 365 CRM for Outlook:

Bridging the gap between communication and collaboration.

Overview: SharePortals, integrated with Microsoft 365, functions as an effective CRM, streamlining email correspondence and team collaboration.

Features:Efficiently save emails and attachments to related records.Reduce time wastage in managing critical communications.Facilitate team collaboration, ensuring vital information is always accessible.

Benefits: SharePortals, being easy to use and customisable, addresses essential business needs like CRM and Case Management. It integrates effortlessly with SharePoint, MS365 apps, and notable third-party applications, making business operations smoother and more efficient.

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