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Betasoft's Industry Services Overview


At the heart of healthcare is efficient data management and accessibility.

Betasoft assists healthcare institutions by integrating Microsoft 365 solutions, enabling seamless patient record keeping, and facilitating communication between healthcare professionals. With custom development, healthcare providers can offer telemedicine and maintain secure electronic health records, ensuring patient data's safety and integrity.

Key Services: Microsoft 365 integration for seamless communication Secure patient data management with SharePoint Custom development for healthcare-specific solutions


Manufacturing requires precise coordination and real-time data monitoring. Betasoft’s expertise in SharePoint allows manufacturers to streamline their processes, ensuring that data from the production floor to management is accessible and actionable. With Microsoft 365, Betasoft helps in real-time collaboration, bridging gaps and enhancing productivity.

Key Services: SharePoint solutions for real-time data monitoring Microsoft 365 integration for seamless inter-departmental communication Customised solutions for manufacturing-specific challenges

Construction & Engineering:

The construction and engineering sectors thrive on project management and data analysis. Betasoft's SharePoint solutions facilitate real-time data sharing, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget. Additionally, Microsoft 365 integration helps in swift decision-making, document sharing, and collaboration, irrespective of geographical constraints.

Key Services: SharePoint for project management and data sharing Microsoft 365 for collaborative project planning and execution Custom development for specialised engineering tools and solutions

Government & Public Sector:

For the public sector, transparency and efficiency are paramount. Betasoft aids government bodies by implementing SharePoint solutions for secure document storage and management. Microsoft 365 ensures smooth inter-departmental communication and efficient public services. With custom development, Betasoft offers tailored solutions to unique challenges faced by the public sector.

Key Services: SharePoint for secure documentation and record-keeping Microsoft 365 for enhanced governmental communication Custom solutions tailored to public sector challenges

Business Services:

In the world of business services, agility and data-driven decisions set companies apart. Betasoft specialises in providing SharePoint solutions that enable businesses to store, manage, and access their data efficiently. Microsoft 365 integration by Betasoft ensures that businesses remain connected, collaborative, and ready to tackle market challenges head-on.

Key Services: SharePoint solutions for efficient data management and accessibility Microsoft 365 for inter-business collaboration and communication Custom development to cater to unique business needs

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