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Betasoft welcome Alan Bainbridge to the team

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Alan Bainbridge has now officially joined Betasoft. His Title will be along the lines of “Solutions Architect”. Personally, Alan will slot in wherever he can to make Betasoft even better and more successful – from a service but also commercial perspective. Alan loves technology, but also has a keen eye on the commercial returns on any engagement.

I have known Alan since the early days of SafeCom when I first supported Danwood with their SafeCom solution efforts and always had nothing but respect for his abilities and professional conduct.

My hope is that Alan will not only add bandwidth to our pre- and post sales capabilities, but also work closely with existing accounts to broaden our document solutions involvement.

Betasoft’s recent engagement with Hyland OnBase will also benefit from Alan’s experience and enthusiasm. The additional capacity he brings to us will allow us to take this new offering to the market with sufficient focus and drive.