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Autostore For Resolving Digital Mail Deficiencies

As experts in secure print and scan processing software, we wanted to share a real-life example of how and why we deployed Autostore 7 software for one of our large Accountancy and Tax Audit clients. The aim was to significantly increase scanning speed for all posted and mail documents into the organisation’s document management solution.

The Challenge

Prior to any solution being installed, the administration staff undertook a laborious manual process that would involve taking individual mail items, usually with multiple pages, and scanning them into a shared directory on the network. Staff would then rename the item, convert it into a separate document format and transfer it into the user’s ingest folder in the management system. This time-consuming process was repeated continuously throughout the day across all twelve offices. This also posed a security issue as sensitive mail documents were being saved into an unsecured network share.

The Solution

Betasoft proposed the deployment of Nuance Autostore 7 alongside the existing Nuance SafeCom secure release print solution. The devices continue to have the security and print release functions of SafeCom and now also have Autostore to capture from the device while retaining the Single Sign-on using proximity cards.

A custom workflow was created within Autostore that captures the input scan from the MFP, OCRs the contents, splits the scanned file into each document (via the use of separator sheets), removes any blank pages, converts the document into the required file type, renames the document and deposits it into the document management system ready for use. This allows administration staff to deposit large quantities of mail into a scanner at once, reducing time spent at the device and saving multiple hours per week in each office. All of this is was carried out securely using Autostore encryption while documents are being processed by the solution.

Autostore Custom Workflow

Once document OCR is complete, any blank pages are detected and removed, and all converted output documents are redirected to the relevant, correct user in the company’s document management system.

Final Thoughts

The steps undertaken by the firm presented a number of crucial benefits that included:

  • Significantly increased and improved the speed and accuracy of scanning
  • Direct integration with existing card sign-on
  • End-to-end audit trail
  • End-to-end data security
  • Enterprise-grade OCR for retrieval within back-end, using keyword search
  • Enabled staff to focus on other administrative tasks

The Betasoft team is experienced in understanding the complex processes related to the secure accurate capture, processing and routing of documents. In-depth analysis of requirements provided the information needed to develop custom workflows eliminating repetitive tasks, previously carried out manually by admin staff. Our experienced team were able to plan, build and install the solution and have continued to provide support since the installation.

To find out what Autostore can do to help with your document management and control, please contact us for a demonstration.