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AutoStore 7 out now!

AutoStore 7 New Features

  • Encrypted Fields and RRTs
    RRTs now support encryption and decryption of field data. When you create fields you may now specify encryption and secure data that enters an AutoStore workflow. Field values remain encrypted when the Knowledge Package builder component stores or reads information in XML format.
  • Command Line Execution Process Component
    The Command Line Execution component allows command-line execution of applications in workflows.
  • Form Overlay Process Component 
    This component fills in a form template with predefined information or the information received from the process.
  • Redaction Process Component 
    The Redaction component redacts specified content during processing.
  • Windows Environment Variables RRT
    This release includes the WIN RRT, which allows workflows to access Windows environment variables.
  • Copy and Paste Tasks
    Copy and Paste commands on the AutoStore Process Designer toolbar allow users to copy and paste tasks within configurations.
  • Added ability to disable an AutoStore task.
    Individual tasks in a configuration may now be disabled.

AutoStore 6.x can be purchased until the end of September 2015. AutoStore 7also simplifies the licensing – now only one type of license is available and that is priced identical to version 6.x Workflow.